Although I haven’t been posting here lately, it’s for a good reason. For over a year now I have been working on a project arising from the old towns and wild places in the Upper Blue Mountains and to the West beyond. I spent some time in and around Hill End, including a precious few days at a workshop with Luke Sciberras, and some ongoing photographic work from that is already on this site.

More recent art retreats in the Megalong Valley have provoked a new passion. I have been drawn to this extraordinary place where untouched rainforests cluster up the steep sides of sandstone cliffs and gigantic tree-ferns drip moisture from their emerald fronds. Megalong Valley has the strangest and most mysterious light. I want to capture something of these qualities. Small oil studies en plein air are being followed by larger-scale studio paintings of trees, cliffs, vistas, valleys, in morning, midday and afternoon lights. It is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated, for many different reasons, but at least it has started.

As well, I have been photographing in both colour and black and white. I planned to show some of my monochrome images at the upcoming Blackheath Art Society show and the Photography Exhibition planned for the following weekend. All is now cancelled due to COVID-19, but that gives me more time to work on both the painting and photographic work. Thought I would put a couple of images here.

Megalong cropped tinted 1 copy
Megalong early light Feb 2020
Megalong white gum 1
Megalong White Gum February 2020
Megalong Trees 9 bw
Megalong Scrub Feb 2020
Fire near Mt Vic 4 jpg
Burnt Trees, Mount Victoria, February 2020