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Hawkesbury River Now

Waterfront from house 1
One of my favourite pictures: the morning sun hits the mountains on the western side of the river while the full moon sets just above the horizon. I edited this image and used it as a banner for my writing page for a long time, but recently changed it to a coloured sunset view.
upstream monochrome
Monochrome images of the river highlight the powerful darks and lights, the reflections and the many grays. Photographed in black and white on a mirrorless SLR – Sony NEX-N5.
Coloured Sky 1
Amazing skies


Hawkesbury River Noir1
Hawkesbury Sunset – photographed in black and white.
Hawkesbury Noir: southern sky
Hawkesbury Noir: southern sky


Hawkesbury Noir: bird and raindrops
Hawkesbury Noir: bird and raindrops
Hawkesbury Noir: near dark
Hawkesbury Noir: darkening evening

The Hawkesbury Noir images above were photographed in colour: the black and white is  how it really looked. Still thinking about how to paint or draw these images.

THESE AND SOME OTHER IMAGES in the Noir series are published now on my Flickr site. Some comments on each photograph explain the context, where I felt able.

Monochrome: River Noir on Flickr

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