I am very aware that real photographers are inclined to dismiss I-Phone photography. I can see why. So many selfies which have nothing to do with photography as such and are all about curating the image. But as a recent campaign by Apple pointed out, some really fantastic photography can be achieved with the humble I-Phone. Well, it used to be, but now Samsung Galaxies have joined the photographic field and judging by my daughters new phone they seem even better.

Anyway, I put together a couple of collections/albums for my new Flickr site using I-Phone pictures I had taken over the past couple of years. The technology on Flickr is amazing, you can check out exactly what camera was used for any photo you see, including rafts of detail. I have hardly come to terms with the possibilities yet, and I do want to go back to DSLR or even film photography soon, but I still see a place for the I-Phone image, they are so fast and immediate and you can easily edit and alter them, crop, enhance and so on. And the new I-Phone cameras are even better apparently. I will do some more research and report back.

glitter 1
Glitter: capturing the brightness and reflections on an I-Phone, 25/4/19