This is my first post on this photography site. Temporarily at least the posts will be given over to material related to the Photography course I am currently undertaking. These are for assessment but also for my own interest. Later, I hope to start writing more on the intersection between my own photographic practice and the work I am about to undertake in graphic arts. On my art-writing site, the intersection between photography and painting has been glimpsed but not developed. I want to carry this forward into the exploration of Gerhard Richter’s entanglements, but in the meantime there are many more processes and practices worth exploring.

I have just discovered the photography of James Jardine, a young Melbourne artist who I know nothing about apart from his images. But this is one I really love and want to think more about what he has achieved here. There is another beautiful one called “Bollards in the Rain” also of a Melbourne graffitied streets at night but he is selling products using that image through the American art site and it’s not possible to download it. Not fair! But there are a couple of others on his Feature Friday site: go to

James Jardine on Feature Friday

James Jardine. “Rainy Day, Centre Place, Melbourne” May 30, 2013.